The Full Story...Or At Least What I'm Allowed to Share!

My Current Projects

Other than this website, these are a few on-going projects I'm working on. Some of these are work-related/job-specific, others are labors of love. 


Bring Your Own Brilliance wasn't always a talk show. What started off as casual lunch sessions to share ideas, vent, and brainstorm has morphed into a passion project of mine. This show is meant to bring together Learning Design professionals across all disciplines to talk about what we love and do for a living - oh, and let's not forget - to entertain! 😉

Online LIVE

I had the pleasure of working with one of FIU's All Star Faculty members to launch a unique training/professional development opportunity for faculty teaching Fully Online Synchronous courses and the Instructional Designers supporting them. These trainings focus on pedagogicial best practices for synchronous and asycnhronous learning.