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Examples of Past


Here you can find recordings and presentation slides of training sessions, lectures, and "hangouts" I've had the pleasure of hosting/participating in. 

Global Learning Faculty Hangout

I was invited to present to our Global Learning faculty on Ed Tech Tools they can use in their courses to enhance the overall student learning experience. 

Project Management Tool Training

I hosted a lunch-time refresher training for the Instructional Designers on my team (FIU Online) during my time as an assistant. This training went over the latest updates to ClickUp - my PM tool of choice - and how beginners can get started on managing their course assignments, projects, and goals. 

Preferred Browser is Chrome

Online Live ID Training

This training was conducted for IDs to provide them with the resources to support their assigned faculty teaching in this new modality for the first time. 

Online Conference Presentation

Coming Soon... 👀

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